Learn who the dim-witted genius masterminds behind the madness that is TwoLeftFeet Theatre are.

Partner Two.HEIC

What do you get when you put a pair of childhood sweethearts/theatre nerds in a room? TwoLeftFeet. With their love of the physical, the dramatic and the awfully absurd, these two women are pleased to present their debut disaster ‘Sole Mates’. 

In their newest show, TwoLeftFeet aims to show you life and love through the lens of physical theatre, puppetry and projection. They take the language out of love and replace it with their limbs.

TwoLeftFeet Theatre is made up of two passionate artists, Anneka van der Velde and Isabel Burton. We formed TwoLeftFeet Theatre in 2020 during the chaos of Covid, with hopes of touring Australia with theatre that represents us as Canberran artists of both cultural and artistically diverse backgrounds.

We have known each other since high school in the ACT and worked together on many community theatre productions growing up. This is our first theatre collaboration since graduating from our respective drama schools, but our work dynamic feels very familiar. We are thrilled to be developing work that will represent us both, as young female artists.